Tuesday , 30 June 2015

Welcome Primark shoppers

Primark is one of the most affordable stores to shop at, and for years now customers have enjoyed going to one of their many locations and buying items that they want. However, there is no Primark online store, but there is a community for Primark shoppers right here at http://primarkonlineshoppers.com. Before you decide to shop online for Primark products, you will want to visit this online community first.

Buying Online

Thanks to a partnership between the retail store and ASOS, you now do not need to visit a physical retail location. Instead, you simply go to the ASOS website and then you can find all of the items and clothes you love right online, saving you a trip to the nearest retail store.

However, before rushing to the ASOS website, you will want to look around our Primark Shoppers first, because as the best and only Primark community, you will find a wealth of information here.

What Is Primark Online Shoppers

Primark Online Shoppers is an online community for people who love to shop at the popular retail store. There are many reason why people should join the online community such as:

Find Out About New Products

The site is updated often, which means that you will be able to find out when new products are coming to the store. Usually the site is updated once per week, so if you are looking for the hottest and newest items, then you will want to make sure to visit the site to find out more about these items.

Info For Men And Women Shoppers

Another reason why you should pay a visit to the site is that there is useful information for both men and women shoppers. If you are a man, or a woman and you have never shopped at a Primark store, then you will want to visit the site. The site will tell both men and women exactly why they should shop at the retail store.

Find A Store Location

If you decide that you would like to visit a Primark location, then you should make sure to visit the section of Primark Online that allows you to search for a location. This section of the website will allow you to find the nearest retail store to you and it will also give you some information about the location and the city or town that it is located in.

Find The Latest News

If you want to know what is going on with the retail store, then the website will likely have information about the latest news affecting the store. This is good news for people who like to be kept up to date about what is happening at Primark.

As you can see there is a lot you can read and learn about when you visit our site. If you want to know what makes this community so special, go and check it out today and find out for yourself, because you will be glad you did.


Asos and Primark have decided, that they will NO LONGER cooperate, so as of now there is no Primark online shop available. We will continue to provide all the new releases in Primark stores and add new collections and Primark haul videos as well. You will not be left out of Whats new in Primark ;)

Sincerely, Primark shoppers Team

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Things to Do With Old Shoes

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Ever wonder what you should do with shoes that you don’t wear anymore? They tend to sit in our closet forever until we finally get the courage to toss them in the trash. Before you throw them in the garbage, however, take some time to consider the following ideas to either reuse them for other purposes or fashionize them back ... Read More »

Eco-Fashion: The Hottest Trend on the Runway

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I’m a fashion fan, and I myself am a fashion gaga. I usually go for what is comfortable to wear. I put fashion with the clothes I am wearing even if it’s just jeans and a simple T-shirt. Although, I’m a fashion geek, I haven’t heard much about Eco-fashion but when I researched and read an article about it, I ... Read More »

What’s Ethical Fashion and How Does It Differ from Other Fashion Trends?

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Ethical fashion, something new, huh? Ethical fashion can be simply defined as the production of textile with a conscience. This was championed by designer Katherine Hamnett. Corporations nowadays are starting to recognize the importance of ethical business and environment protection.  There has been a dramatic increase in the number of textile producers and fashion designers who are trying their hard ... Read More »

Organic Cotton Clothing: The Luxury You Can Feel…

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Primark goes to the USA!

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Yep. Primark is making the plunge and will try to make a stir oversees. Many UK retailers tried it before and haven`t had the desired success. Will Primark be any different? They will start with Boston, Massachusetts by the end of the next year (2015) and are in current negotiations to open 8 more stores with a warehousing infrastructure in ... Read More »

Primark is finally going ONLINE!

asos and primark launch

Primark online shopping Dear Primark shoppers, we have finally got (at least a glimpse) of what is to come. As of the 3.rd of June 2013, the last of the great Irish retailers Primark, partnered up with Asos to bring us what we have all been waiting for – Primark online! As for now there is a trial of 20 ... Read More »

Primark boots

primark boots

Choice is something that every customer wants. When it comes to footwear, having a wide range to choose from is simply a treat. There are many different types of Primark boots that you can choose from as well, all you need to do is start looking. Customers can take a look at the company website and browse through the different ... Read More »

Primark dresses

primark dresses

Your wardrobe can say a lot about you. The different styles that you fill it with will help to match your mood and your personality. This is most certainly possible when you decide to take a look at the different Primark dresses that you can find nowadays. You will be able to find them in shops, but you can also ... Read More »

Primark handbags

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Every girl needs at least a few great handbags in her closet. Whether you’re buying your first bag, or you just want to add to your collection, you can turn to Primark for a huge selection of quality, stylish handbags you’re sure to love. Primark handbags are always fashionable and are very affordable, so you don’t have to break the ... Read More »

Primark jumpers

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At Primark, we always offer a huge selection to choose from. From dresses to fur coats, no matter what you’re looking for, you can find it here. You may just be looking for one specific piece, or are starting from scratch trying to create an entire wardrobe for yourself. Whatever the case may be, you can find a huge selection ... Read More »

Primark jeans

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There are some important factors that you need to consider when shopping for jeans. You will always find so many brands in the market but not all of them guarantee comfort, durability and reliability. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will never find the most suitable jeans for you simply because of the presence of counterfeit ones. The ... Read More »

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Find a Unique and Stylish Primark Onesie Many people have grown up with the fun of wearing an adorable Primark onesie; however, these popular costume based pajamas are much more than a fun sleepwear option, they can also be an excellent addition to both creative play and exciting costume parties. Regardless of whether you are a small child or a ... Read More »

The Media And Men’s Fashion

In a society obsessed with beauty, the media plays a key role in influencing men’s fashion. News reports regularly focus on how the media and its portrayal of ‘size zero’ celebrities impact upon women, however there is growing evidence to suggest that the media’s portrayal of what is fashionable is having a similar effect on men. A strong feeling of ... Read More »

Primark Berlin

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Berlin is a city famous for many reasons, one of them being shopping. The city offers many huge designer brands if you want to indulge in a shopping spree or multiple flea markets if you want cheap bargains. This means that there is something for every shopper in Berlin. Kurfürstendamm and Friedrichstrasse are home to all the big names that ... Read More »

Primark Bremen

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Bremen is a great city to shop and sight see in, with a plethora of shopping opportunities available. If you are looking for outlet shopping then all you need to do is venture to the outskirts of the city and enjoys shopping for clothes at the outlet mall. Then there are antique stores, flea markets and flower markets to choose ... Read More »

How the recession hit the clothing industry

how the recession hit the clothing industry

The overall global gloom has even taken over the fashion industry. It seems likely that the economic depression has so strongly been inflicted upon the clothing industry. This outcome was quite inevitable, with everything around going down the falls. The Italian industry has been the strongest among all others and even that failed in the eye of the global recession. ... Read More »

Primark reigns for budget buys as Next rules for quality

primark reigns for budget buys

As fashion clothing remains a dominant part of every individual’s life, there has always been a conflict between what customers want more from a particular brand and why they chose that brand in particular; is it the reasonable price being offered by that brand or is it the quality that they eventually get good quality products. Primark has been ruling ... Read More »

Primark Frankfurt

primark frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city famous for its enormous financial institutions; however the shopping opportunities that the city offers are a great attraction too.  Zeil Fussgängerzone is the city’s most important shopping area which is a pedestrian zone. You can shop here without the hustle bustle of traffic and cars as you stroll down the street. Goethestraße is the chic locale ... Read More »

Primark Gelsenkirchen

primark gelsenkirchen

While Gelsenkirchen’s scenery is impressive, what is even more impressive is the city’s potential for shopping. Shopping is a major activity in Gelsenkirchen and is aided by the availability of many posh malls and shopping centers in the city. The high street is the most famous shopping destination of the city, which is especially crowded on Saturdays, given that most ... Read More »

Primark Hannover

primark hannover

Hannover is home to Germany’s most famous shopping street and is a major shopping destination for tourists and residents alike. It offers shoppers a host of retail stores, chain stores and small local stores. From the chic malls to the historical town centers, Hannover is definitely a place of interest for shoppers. If you are looking for chic, fashionable clothes ... Read More »

Primark Bristol

primark bristol

The seaside town of Bristol is great for shopping and sightseeing. As a city steeped in industry, Bristol boasts quite a lot of shopping destinations and these brilliant opportunities for shopping make Bristol a shopper’s haven. From big designers and chain stores to small individual stores, Bristol has everything a city could offer in terms of shopping. The city centre ... Read More »

Primark Edinburgh


Edinburgh is famous as a tourist destination thanks to its beautiful surroundings and chilly weather. Once you get to Edinburgh however, you will realize that it is a great shopping destination too. Edinburgh boasts of many shopping centers and malls, such as Princes Mall and others. These malls have a mix of chain stores and designer brands as well as ... Read More »

Primark Manchester

primark manchester

Manchester is one of Britain’s most prime cities when it comes to shopping, and plays host to a range of stores starting from high street departmental stores to high end designer outlets. Shopping for clothes is a major component of shopping in Manchester, and there are few cities in the country which can beat Manchester when it comes to clothes’ ... Read More »

Primark Oxford Street in London

primark oxford street london

The Oxford Street in London is one of England’s finest shopping destination and a must visit on every fashion goers list. One can find literally everything at Oxford Street, from clothes and shoes to gadgets and electronics. It is indeed the heart of London when it comes to shopping. The one and a half mile street plays host to some ... Read More »

Primark Opening Times

Primark opening times

Primark has hundreds of locations all over Europe, but most of them are in the United Kingdom. They are spreading like forest fire, but in a positive way. Especially in today`s economy, it`s good to have providers of affordable apparel, such as Primark around. Because there are so many Primark stores out there, we have gathered all the Primark opening ... Read More »

Primark expanding into Europe

primark expanding into europe post

Primark has very cleverly entered the Euro clothes market which has since long been hit by the financial crisis. Primark comes with the cheap chic formula which directing focus towards offering affordable clothes and also encourages the fashion designers and brands to display their collections on street sides rather than fancy and exquisite fashion shows. Because of providing cheap clothing ... Read More »