10 Secrets that a Bargain Shopper Needs to Know

1.) You bought something that went on sale later? You might get back the difference!


Most of you probably didn`t realize that most of the larger retailers in the world offer a refund on your purchase difference, if you have bought anything within 2 weeks prior to the sale. You must ofcourse prove the date with a receipt. In most cases it also helps to lower the cost, even if the items price gets further reduced.

2.) Use “Shoptagr” to always buy something on SALE!


Shoptagr is a realy cool extension for Chrome, with which you can kind of “PIN” any product you find online. You basicaly choose the colour and size -> TAG IT! and the system will notify you when the item goes on sale. Cool right? And not only that, but as we stated in point 1.) you can also get a refund if the prices go down even more later on. More on www.shoptagr.com

3.) Even if you are only “window” shopping, always put items in your cart!

anthropologie cartanthropologie.com

This is a sneeky tactic, but in a lot of cases it works. When you put items in your cart and never checkout, the items will not dissapear when you leave, but will stay in the cart. In a couple of days you just might recieve a special offer/discount on the contents of your cart.

4.) Earn extra cash by selling your old clothes via Threadflip etc.


The re-selling of clothes is a high growing business online at the moment. There are many startups like Threadflip, Bib+Tuck and Poshmark, that let you sell you old clothes or get extremely cheap and slightly used designer goods. In most cases these are mistakes in sizes when ordering, gifts noone wanted etc.

5.) Student discounts! Always ask if there is one!


It is pretty self-explanatory. If its not stated otherwise you can always ask to see if there are any (ususally around 5%-15% discounts available for students). Here is a list of 40 stores with student discounts. Enjoy.

6.) Befriend the clerks in your local stores

befriend the clerksABC

You could benifit a lot from befriending the clerks you see all the time in your favourite stores. Why could it benefit you? I bet you all want to know before everyone else does, when the new collections are coming out, when certain products will be marked down and also get some items “put on the side” when they come to the store 😉 You don`t have to be “agressive” or look needy, just let it come naturaly through time.

7.) Join online stores e-mail lists

email lists gifBuzzfeed

You are probably fed up with all the spam in your email as it is and may think that this will jsut add to the clutter, but there is a catch. Most creative e-mail campaigns are not only meere replications of other online promotions but they are an entity by themselves. You might recieve special coupons, free shipping deals, upcoming release dates etc. only if you are a member of their newsletter. If they keep sending you stuff you don`t need you can always Unsubscribe with 1 click (mandatory by law, to have an Unsubscribe button in place in every promotional e-mail someone sends out.)

8.) Just Google “store”+”coupon”

coupons googleBuzzfeed

Its common practice in any online store environment not just in apparel. It costs you exactyl 5 seconds to put in the name (or URL) of your store/retailer and the word coupon next to it. It also helps to click “Search tools” and set “In the last month” so you know its pretty much valid. Don`t think that you will be sent to their official page. You will be sent to a “coupon site” which congregates coupons from allover the place. These coupons usualy range in the 5-30%. Happy Googling.

9.) Before going on a shopping spree, check the official websites for possible sales!

mall online saleswestfield.com

Pretty self-explanatory title. Just check the official site to see either if there are any online sales of the products you desire or if there are any in-store sales going on.

10.) Shop directly from brands instead of stores resseling the same items!

directly from brandsbrand vs resselers


It`s perfectly logical that retailers try to muscle up the prices, because they are sure that their exposure will prevail and that people will pay more or won`t even think about going to the brands own site. Heck, they might not even know it exists!

happy shopping

Let us know which one you find the most interesting in the comments! Thank you!

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