15 new stylish Primark handbags in our Catalogue

Berry croc panelled clutch, £6€8, in store 1.10.14Handbags are the favorite fashion accessories of various girls. Primark Online catalogue provides a catalogue for all the trendy girls who want to stay tuned to the latest designs and colors of handbags and purses. Want to know what’s trendy this fall? Have a read:

Clutches are totally sexy this fall as they are easy to carry and they keep just the right accessories of girls which are needed by them. Keeping their lipsticks and mobile phones safe, these clutches can make any outfit look extraordinary with their fashion statement. As for this fall, silver embellished clutches seem to be very hot. The very semi-formal one at this store is the beaded silver clutch. The strap is not so long and therefore stays a part of your outfit. The beads make the clutch look attractive and very exciting. It has enough capacity to carry your smart phones as well as some cosmetics if you want to.

Another one in silver is the double zipped clutch. This one comes in a shiny leathery exterior and is going to rock any party. The clutch features two zips which have tussles hanging from the ends of the zips. This one comes without any strap so you get to hold the clutch close to your outfit where everyone can see what beauty you possess.

Round tassel x body, £4€5, in store 9.10.14If you are an art lover and need to keep things geometric, the gem envelope clutch is going to be something you love. This clutch is available in black color with the flap having white geometric design on it. The flap has the shape just like that on an envelope. Not only does this look very interesting but shines out of the ordinary simple and basic clutches. Sporting them with casual as well as semi-formal occasions is going to be hot and trendy.

You can also find very hot and comfortable fur clutch available in pink color. Not only does this allow you to look hip and girly but also keeps your hands warm in chilly winds. Lovely right?

Visit the Catalogue section to see the pictures and prices for the 10 handbags by clicking HERE.

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