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How the recession hit the clothing industry

The overall global gloom has even taken over the fashion industry. It seems likely that the economic depression has so strongly been inflicted upon the clothing industry. This outcome was quite inevitable, with everything around going down the falls. The Italian industry has been the strongest among all others and even that failed in the eye of the global recession. ...

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Primark reigns for budget buys as Next rules for quality

As fashion clothing remains a dominant part of every individual’s life, there has always been a conflict between what customers want more from a particular brand and why they chose that brand in particular; is it the reasonable price being offered by that brand or is it the quality that they eventually get good quality products. Primark has been ruling ...

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Primark expanding into Europe

Primark has very cleverly entered the Euro clothes market which has since long been hit by the financial crisis. Primark comes with the cheap chic formula which directing focus towards offering affordable clothes and also encourages the fashion designers and brands to display their collections on street sides rather than fancy and exquisite fashion shows. Because of providing cheap clothing ...

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