Eco-Fashion: The Hottest Trend on the Runway

I’m a fashion fan, and I myself am a fashion gaga. I usually go for what is comfortable to wear. I put fashion with the clothes I am wearing even if it’s just jeans and a simple T-shirt. Although, I’m a fashion geek, I haven’t heard much about Eco-fashion but when I researched and read an article about it, I was amazed. I found out that Eco-fashion can help us be friendly with Mother Earth.

I found out that going green, which doesn’t mean you have to wear green, can be trendy, hot and sexy. Mostly, I wear sexy cotton blouse which is very comfortable for any given season and occasion. But, have you ever thought that what you’re wearing might actually cause a terrible health condition?

Eco-fashion is referred to stylized clothes that are environment-friendly. As, the nonprofit STEP or Sustainable Technology Education Project defines Eco-Fashion as clothes “that take into account the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people in the fashion industry.”

Eco-Fashion is the hottest trend these days. Why? It is unique and aside from that it helps us to reduce the damage of the nature. Eco-fashion clothes are made from organic raw materials like cotton grown without pesticides and silk made by worms that are fed on organic trees which help us reduce the damage to the environment, animals and our health.

Eco-fashion does not use any harmful ingredients such as chemicals and bleaches to color fabrics. This is good for those who have allergies with unnatural colored clothes. It is usually made from recycled and re-used textiles. We can even use and keep it longer because it is a high-quality garment made from second-hand clothes and even recycled plastic bottles. Who are making these clothes? Eco-fashion clothes are made by people who have a decent working condition. And they are being paid fairly.

For us to know, whether the clothes we are wearing are made with Eco-friendly clothes, they will be using an eco-labeling system which is being established to show that the clothes have been made in an environment-friendly way.

Many famous top Fashion Designers are now using Eco-friendly clothes such as Uber-cool Heatherette designer Richie Rich who have shown his masterpiece using a stunning pink-and-yellow skirt that is made from corn.

And one of the many fashion designers that are now using Eco-Friendly clothes is Designer Linda Loudermilk who uses exotic plants including bamboo, sea shells, soya and sasawashi, a fabric made with Japanese paper and the kumazasa herb that contains anti-bacterial properties and anti-allergen, in her “luxury eco” clothing and accessories. She also creates natural themes on each season like her recent one being an oceanic motif.

As you can see, Eco-fashion allows you to wear fashionable clothes while keeping the environment healthy. It is one way of saving our surroundings from further manmade pollution and damage. In addition, we are also helping the fashion industry workers to be paid fairly and not having to undergo the so called “sweat shops.”

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