Organic Cotton Clothing: The Luxury You Can Feel…

The world is changing, fast. Everywhere you look, you see manifestations of technological advancements. For in fact, in the last couple of years, society has tremendously evolved.

Changes have been created to facilitate better and easier production of necessities. One such necessity is clothing. But all change is not good. With the advent of easier and faster clothing production come the ill-effects of modern science to ecological balance.

Today, one of the booming businesses is cotton and textile production. Clothing is necessary so the demand is undeniably always present. But would it be better that while we cater to our demand, we also take care of our environment? For this part, there is a solution. And it is called organic cotton clothing.

Organic cotton clothing is simply a material made from organic cotton — produced through organic farming, without the use of chemicals and pesticides. Cotton clothing has currently been becoming popular worldwide. Not just because it is environment-friendly, but also because it is very comfortable to wear. And people love to wear comfort. Who doesn’t?

Cottons may also come in different types. Each type possesses something that it can boast. For example, one type of cotton, called Canton cotton, is the heavier. It is best suited for sweaters, which is popular during winter and fall. While it may be strong and difficult to pull apart, it is still soft and comfortable to wear.

Another type of cotton that is lighter than Canton cotton is cotton twill. This type is also suitable during fall, but still contains the soft feature of cotton.

Bamboo cotton is also another type. As the name suggests, the material comes from the bamboo, which has a smooth quality similar to silk, added with organic cotton. It is chemical-free and all natural. It is best not only for the skin but also for the environment.

Honeycomb cotton is another type. This is lightweight and dries quickly. There is also the Egyptian cotton, which features longer and thinner fibers best for creating strong yarn and nice fabrics. Lastly, there’s also the medium-weight Oxford Chambray.

Besides featuring smoothness, these cottons only spell one more thing: the feeling of luxury. Once worn, it does not only give you comfort but a sense of pride, too. It generates pride because through it you’ve promoted ways to preserve the ecological balance and has become a consumer of products that have been painstakingly made from farmers who stuck to holistic approach in harvesting cotton. And because materials for making such cotton abound all around, most of these clothing are cheap. So this can also be rightfully called cheap luxury that anyone can afford to wear.

And once you own that luxurious cotton material, you would always want to preserve its quality as best as you can. So here are some useful tips on how to care for organic cotton:

1. When washing, look for the wash cycle. Follow the cycle as prescribed. Then avoid fabric-eating industrial detergents. They might work best on polyester or artificial cotton, but not for your organic cotton. Use organic detergents instead.

2. When repairing your clothes, it would be best to use organic threads as well.

3. Ironing will also need a different strategy. You might have been used to holding irons on clothes for a longer time. With organic cotton clothing, try holding the iron for a shorter time and then gradually work your way up until you discover the best timing.

4. When stained, try the organic ways of clearing that smear from your cotton. First use lemon juice or zest. You can also use organic table salt. Only resort to other ways when you’ve exhausted the organic types of clearing stains from cotton.

In short, caring for organic cotton clothing simply means doing it organically!

So why not indulge luxury the organic way? Try organic cotton clothing and help save the environment while flaunting that desired comfort!

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