Primark Edinburgh

Edinburgh is famous as a tourist destination thanks to its beautiful surroundings and chilly weather. Once you get to Edinburgh however, you will realize that it is a great shopping destination too. Edinburgh boasts of many shopping centers and malls, such as Princes Mall and others. These malls have a mix of chain stores and designer brands as well as Scottish heritage shops like the Gleneagles of Scotland.

From John Lewis to IKEA, Edinburgh has a great variety of stores. In 2011, Primark opened their flagship store in Edinburgh and since then, the store has been visited by hordes and hordes of customers. The store has another entrance on Rose Street, for customer’s convenience. Prior to this, shoppers would have to travel to Glasgow to be able to shop at Primark.

Primark Edinburgh is located on Princes Street and despite its conventionality; it has a certain Scottish charm. The store is one of Primark’s nineteen stores in Scotland and is loved by customers who feel that Primark offers great value for money. In fact, on the day of the stores opening, queues had formed at the doors hours before the official opening time. This proves the fact that shoppers love the great prices and variety that Primark Edinburgh offers.

Both the women’s and men’s lines are loved greatly by shoppers who feel that they could not find cheaper bargains anywhere in Edinburgh. Even the footwear and kid’s lines are highly appreciated by customers who face financial distress.

The cold weather does nothing to deter the shopper’s from visiting this brilliant store and getting their hands on some great products. This store, like all Primark stores, offers fashion at a great price and is a valuable addition to the shopping destinations in Edinburgh.

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