Primark expanding into Europe

Primark has very cleverly entered the Euro clothes market which has since long been hit by the financial crisis. Primark comes with the cheap chic formula which directing focus towards offering affordable clothes and also encourages the fashion designers and brands to display their collections on street sides rather than fancy and exquisite fashion shows.

Because of providing cheap clothing option to the recession hit customers, Primark was the only brand which flourished in the recession hit Euro zone and sailed through. The customers were either attracted because of the reasonable prices or because of the large sized depots Primark has all over Europe. Nobody will let go a pair of good and decent shoes which are only for as low as ten dollars. This is what makes Primark so unique from the rest of the clothing stores which have stayed popular.

Even despite the difficult economic situations, Primark didn’t give up and continued to open up stores in parts of Europe. The most profitable stores are operating in Spain. Primark has over 156 stores in Europe and this alone is pretty much enough for explaining the stores’ success even during economic conditions such as these. During the recession periods the chain of Primark stores has absorbed the high cotton costs themselves rather than forcing them onto the customers. This explains why Primark remains a customer attraction and why it attracts so many people who prefer buying on a budget. The cotton prices have been going down and soon the profits will reach the top.

Even the high street rivals in UK have been left behind Primark and Primark certainly seems to be making a mark here. Thanks to the success in the Europe continent, the Primark stores have been experiencing all the benefits of the economies of scale and huge amounts of sales especially around the Christmas season. The economies of scale mean that Primark can very easily source in clothes and the best thing about the stores is that they have always remained successful at attracting customers. The objective of Primark in Europe is to provide all the customers being affected by the recession a place which satisfies their fashion needs and will also look after their budgets.

Primark has opened up seven outlets in Madrid alone and there are about four in Spain where Primark has also employed about 3500 people. They have stores all over Britain, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Portugal and they will continue to build more wherever the opportunity seems profitable.

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  1. Do you offer online shopping to malta please

  2. sue-ellen buhagiar

    please open one in Malta, i really love buying from your shops and when i afford i only come to uk to buy from your stores

  3. same here sue-ellen I have to wait till I can afford to go to uk and I only ever go to Primark when I do….

  4. Please open one in Malta , i really love buying from your shops in London why do you consider do shipping in Malta thanks

  5. open a store in malta pls u offer good prices & good quality

    • Please open store in malta ,i live in ireland and do my shoping all the time ,now we move to malta for good and i mess primark ,please do somethind i love shoping there

  6. I really love buying from your store in Brighton.
    It would be great if you open a store in Malta too.

  7. Should love if u opend One or Moore in Sweden…
    Lots of People like primark so much here…

  8. It would be wonderful if Primark opened an outlet in Malta or at least have available online shopping that shipped goods to Malta.

  9. Please please come to Scandinavia, Norway! We need stores like Primark here! 🙂

  10. Please open Primark stores in Italy!

  11. I could not help noticing that you have a lot of requests to open a store in malta and as i also am maltese i decided to joint the ladies and beg you to consider opening a store here. a lot of maltese come to uk to shop and a lot of others shop online and when someone says he is going shopping in the uk they all say of course from primark! if not a store then please consider international shipping as research shows malta has a high rate of on line shoppers so this is also beneficial to you too. 🙂

  12. Open a store in Malta will be amazing. Lots of turists here and good opportunity for business . I would love a primark in malta. Almost all big uk clothes company have a store here, primark is missing tho 🙁

  13. All the young ones in largs would love a primark, covers a larg area 😉

  14. Open store in Sweden to 🙂

  15. Pls open a store in Slovakia!!! I love your goods but I can not go to shopping to Wienna where is the neares Primark.

  16. I am a british citizen living in Germany and was very pleased when Primark opened stores here. i am moving to Malta soon and would love if you opened a branch there.

  17. Pls open a store in Italy!!! 🙂

  18. We all love Primark <3 !! Please open Primark store(s) in Czech Republic!! 🙂

  19. Are you delivering to Greece? If not, will you be?

  20. Lov one of your shops on malta as l am english living here.

  21. Im another one asking you to open in Malta… Asda George have, and sold all their stock in the first week!

  22. Open one in Cyprus!!!!

    So many ex pats living over here and so many cypriots always go on about primark

  23. please please please open a PRIMARK IN MALTA i visit uk 4 times a year just to shop in ur stores

  24. Thomas Stratton

    please please please please please open a store in malta!!!
    I visit nearly 100 times a year just to go to primark!

  25. in Latvia – i live there.but if there isn’t possibility like that then Sweden will be closer to me!!!!

  26. When you open shop in Malta?

  27. Please, open Primark in Czech Republic, at least in Prague, there is plenty space in shopping centres.

  28. open one in malta with english price equivalent though, not the robbing prices they charge here

  29. Please open a Primark in Malta ! My family and I have to fly back to the uk to go shopping in Primark so it would much easier if you could please open in Malta, I speak for many when I say it would be a brilliant idea and you’d get plenty of customers !!!! Xx

  30. Please please bring primark to malta x

  31. please open a primark store here in malta i’m english and go to uk 3 times a year just to buy for my large family so having a store in malta would be great ,ps george of asda is here and sell out very quickly thanks look forward to seeing you here ..

  32. This was my first time shopping at Primark. It was outside WIENNA, and it was fantastic. Open up one outside Side, Turkey. I go there a lot, s.d there ser many tourists. I like that you had nog sizes…thank you

  33. It would be great if you opened a store in Malta. I always purchase from your stores when in the UK

  34. if you cannot open one store in malta you can make a site online so people can buy and they can deliver to every where, like other shops in uk cause asos only woman and men you can to buy we need children aswsell cause when we come to uk we buy fof all the family .thanks we need one in MALTA .

  35. It seems so unfair, 7 stores In Madrid!!!!
    None in Cyprus!!!! which is full of expats and or course, Cypriots who love to shop in Primark when they visit the UK

  36. please open one in czech republic, all my friends have to wait until there family visits and bring them clothes from uk or when i go i take a car load full home for all my kids for the year.

  37. prime mark we love you but you need to open a store here in PAPHOS -CYPRUS.hurry……

  38. It would be great if you opened a store in Slovakia. I always purchase from your stores when in the UK

  39. Open one in Estonia please.

  40. We need a few stores in Poland. Please friends in the UK so we bought clothes.

  41. PLEASE come to France!!!! Whoever said its the home of fashion is wrong because its definately not – plus its horrendously expensive fotr a load of horrid tat. Theres loads of Brits here who have to trek back to Portsmouth to do mammoth shops in Primark there, but theres a HUGE retail park in Caen crying-out for a Primark!!! Anything I have purchased in Primark has always been complimented by my french friends.

  42. Please open a primark store in Malmo, Sweden! It would be amazing and there would be so many people visting your store!

  43. place place one store in Montenegro I always enjoy when in Vienna in your store or make to delivery to Montenegro 🙂

  44. We need a Primark in Perth West Australia, there are soo many brits it would be foolish not too !

  45. Please open a Primark store in Finland! =)

  46. Pls bring PRIMARK to Malta alot of turist come and visit here and alot of big brands are here pls pls pls come i luv it

  47. We need a Primark in the Deux Sevres mid west area of France. So many expats here and the French also love the English fashions especially the younger ones.

  48. Anthony Brincat

    I would like to open a Primark Store in Malta. Could you please send me details and contact person to start working on the project? Thank you

  49. We really need a Primark store in Greece. Please inform us on how to order primark shoes and clothes.

  50. when will you open in Copenhagen and malmö sweden???

  51. Are you planning on opening a Primark branch in Greece? There is a huge target group for you, waiting .

  52. marthese zammit


  53. Kindly wish to see Primark store open in the State of Kuwait.

  54. Please open up in Italy …..

  55. We love to go shopping from primark pls open a branch in Malta pls pls

  56. Malta pls very urgent we need primark

  57. Please, open Primark store in Prague, Czech republic, as Alena mentioned in the comments there are plenty of space in shopping centres! 🙂 I <3 Primark! The best place where to shop! It was one of my place where to go when I visited London! 😉

  58. Please open a branch in Malta! Great children clothing, convenient for tourists, families. Where am i going to shop now that i am moving from Uk to Malta? Even my husby could find the rare shoe size 13!!!
    Shopping in Malta is expensive and there is no choice, which is why a lot of people shop online or go to Italy or Uk. So why not to open a shop in Malta? It will be a success like it is everywhere!

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