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  1. Really need Primark online……then maybe I could get more items in Size 20 that I need, never any left in my stores in Sheffield/Meadowhall. 🙁

  2. So so very suprised!!! No online shopping!!!! Primark you must be losing millions of pounds, I for one will be making a little purchase tonight!!!! guess its not with you!!!!! Thousands of women every night do a bit of online shopping………………….

  3. hi my name is val,
    I love shopping in primark but due to suffering from depression and panic attacks, which makes it difficult to go out much and for me to stand in a ques is quit stressing,
    I am just one in 3 that suffer with a disabilit, so It would be a great help if you would consider, setting up on line shopping.
    I am sure that your shopping rate will treble and for all thous who cant get out much for one reason or an other will be so grateful to you for letting us unfortuenet ones be able to have days out in your shop while still sat at home where they feel safe

    best regards

  4. hi you should realy be able to shop online as i live in south shields and theres no primark and primark is one of my favourite place to shop so please get an online shopping website! :'( XxxxxxX

  5. I NEED PRIMARK ONLINE! Having just moved to cornwall I was stunned that my nearest Primark is in Plymouth, I live in St Ives, over a 2 hour car journey! There was a Primark where I used to live, in fact there were 3 within an 18 mile radius so I was spoiled really. It costs too much for me to drive there (about £50 there and back), I would rather be spending the money on items of clothing! I would always buy all of my children’s xmas clothing at Primark, including: PJ’s, slippers, dressing gowns, underwear, jumpers, coats and something fancy for xmas day. All that money will now have to go to someone else! Sorry your losing out Primark, get online!

  6. Off to Primark in Chelmsford tom with my 12 yr old daughter !!! She is so excited , I only wish we had one in Colchester or online as everyone is suggesting
    as there is a great need out there. : )

  7. plz plz give us primark online shopping wld make my day

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