Primark Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city famous for its enormous financial institutions; however the shopping opportunities that the city offers are a great attraction too.  Zeil Fussgängerzone is the city’s most important shopping area which is a pedestrian zone. You can shop here without the hustle bustle of traffic and cars as you stroll down the street. Goethestraße is the chic locale where all the big brands such as Mont Blanc and Cartier are located.

For upscale shopping, you must hit this area and indulge in some of the great shopping opportunities it provides. If you want to shop at a shopping mall in peace, then head to the NordWestZentrum. Although it has no major chain stores or big brands, it still has quite a few amazing shops. Berger Straße is home to boutiques where you can buy customized dresses to reflect your own choice. However, if you are looking for wardrobe basics then you must pay a visit to Primark Frankfurt.

The store is Frankfurt’s best retail store that provides brilliant bargains on women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories. Primark Frankfurt opened up in 2009 and has since then carved a niche for itself in the Frankfurt shopping scene. It is part of the 70,000 Primark stores all over the world. It is mostly famous for wardrobe basics such as socks and T shirts, as there is a large variety available at cheap prices.

The best part is that despite the low prices, you do not have to compromise on the quality of product you receive. Primark products are so cheap that some customers even claim that they would not mind throwing away these products after a while, since they cost so little.

Fortunately, you will not have to throw away a Primark Frankfurt product because they are invariably chic, fashionable and of great quality. So if you’re looking for some great additions to your wardrobe at even greater prices, then Primark Frankfurt is the place you need to head towards. Like all Primark stores, this one is amazing too in terms of price, fashion and quality.

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  1. i have been in frankfurt in primark in nord zentrum. it is the best. the prodacts are good and the service is great. thank you

  2. Hi,

    I just bought a sports bra at Primark yesterday at Konstablerwache and I have the receipt. Im new to Germany so I want to know if I can exchange it for a different size today. thanks

  3. Wwwooooooww…… I love shopping.,, but Primark is the best place where u can buy anything within your budget. Thanks alotttt,, Primark.

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