Primark goes to the USA!

primark goes to usaYep. Primark is making the plunge and will try to make a stir oversees.

Many UK retailers tried it before and haven`t had the desired success. Will Primark be any different?

They will start with Boston, Massachusetts by the end of the next year (2015) and are in current negotiations to open 8 more stores with a warehousing infrastructure in place.

Success or fail?

Although retailers like Marks&Spencer, Tesco and Sainsburys did not succeed in the US, there are some brands that the Americans have grown to like, such as Ted Baker and Topshop.

Primark has done extensive research and are sure they can offer something new to the US market. Their flagship store will be a 70,00o sq. foot store in Boston. Seeing as they have a plan to 1 million new sq. feet of retail space accross Europe and the UK, the recession obviously didn`t hit hard. On the contrary it gave Primark a chance to grow, with the evergrowing demand for budget stylish clothing.

What do you guys think about Primark going to the US? Will they succeed? Do they have what it takes, or will they crash and burn like others before.

Let us know what you think in the comments below 😉

Sincerely, PrimarkOnlineShoppers team.


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  1. Will you open shops in Canada as I really do think you would do really well here

  2. Hi, I was just wondering if you were going to be opening a store in the Bay Area(in California) because that’s where I live and I really love this store and the clothes.

  3. Hi, opening in Toronto Canada will work. I have been to Primary in London & there is nothing like it in Canada. Canadian will love it as long as the pricing is comparable.

  4. Sorry I mean Primary!

  5. Will you open a Primark store in Cairo, Egypt anytime this decade ? It should do very well.

  6. margaret lovelock

    When are you coming to Milan. Its about time.

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