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Every girl needs at least a few great handbags in her closet. Whether you’re buying your first bag, or you just want to add to your collection, you can turn to Primark for a huge selection of quality, stylish handbags you’re sure to love. Primark handbags are always fashionable and are very affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank just to get yourself a new bag.

The great thing about the Primark handbags collection is that it’s always changing. You can keep checking back to find out more information and have access to a whole new selection. Whether you’re shopping at the start of a new season, or just like to keep things fresh, you can always find new handbags when you shop here.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new handbag. For one, consider how much space you need in your bag. If you’re just going out for an evening for dinner and drinks with friends, you don’t need much space in your bag and can opt for a small tote or even a clutch. If you need a bag that’s big enough to fit your phone, daybook and accessories so you can head out for the day without leaving anything behind, you need a larger sized bag that you can stuff full of stuff.

You may also want a bag with extra compartments, so you have more room to put all your goodies. Color is always important. You may keep up with the latest fashion trends, or you just want to choose a personal favorite. Whatever the case, you’re certainly not limited in terms of options when you shop at Primark. The bags are available in a variety of colors. If you’re looking for a bag in a neutral shade, opt for one in white, grey or tan. Or, for a bag that will add a splash of color to any ensemble, go for a bold hue like cranberry or lemon yellow.

The great thing about Primark bags is that you can use them to show off your personality.

Our UK based store is full of great bags, so no matter what your personal preference, you can find a ton of great bags that you love. Take time to compare your options and consider what features you’re looking for in a bag. Or treat yourself and buy a few.


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  1. i luv primark i ned a bag i will have 2 buy 1 from ma fav shop! x

  2. I luv primark

  3. Hi! I looove Primark, I just’ve been in London with my sister and we loved shopping in the store. Is it possible to shop online?


  5. I love Primark it is a very fashiontastic shop to go in.please go to primark it’s very good for fashion shopping. X 🙂

  6. I love Primark! It’s one of my fave shops ever. X 🙂

  7. holly beardsmore

    I love primark!!!!! it is one of my fave shops I go there nearly every month its the best it will be really silly if no one went cos it is the best fashion shop ever!!! 🙂 🙂

  8. Whenever you visit or live in England Primark is the place to shop, kids clothes are the best and priced right in comparison to Canada

  9. When you visit or live in England Primark is the place to shop especially for kids, price are right in comparison to Canada

  10. y can i not view clothes from primark on this web site??

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      Hi Bernadette,

      the galleries are coming soon, but for now please take a look at our newest addition aka the section of “Whats new in Primark” ->

      We will be updating it every week to bring you the prices, pictures and release dates of whats new and selling at the moment.

      WE will also update whats new in the Asos Primark online store as well 😉

      Stay tuned and make sure you like our Facebook page and stay in touch.

      Sincerely, Primark online shoppers team

  11. I like to do online shopping

  12. will like to sell ur product in my shop

  13. one of the best place to shop! Primak.

  14. michelle camilleri

    Please make primark online.


  15. I can’t wait to Primark in Poland! I hope that will be soon 🙂

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