Primark is finally going ONLINE!

Primark online shopping

Dear Primark shoppers,

we have finally got (at least a glimpse) of what is to come. As of the 3.rd of June 2013, the last of the great Irish retailers Primark, partnered up with Asos to bring us what we have all been waiting for – Primark online!

As for now there is a trial of 20 pieces of clothing (all are for women only), which include some dresses, skirts and shirts.

As with any trial we know its important not just to SELL, but also to get noticed. So share, like, tweet or just yell out really loud that Primark is finally going online.

We trully hope that it will stick around and prosper. Lets keep the dream alive and spread the word.

Here is the link to the Primark part of ->

Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

If you have any suggestions what they should add to the offer, or what YOU think will sell the most let us know in the comments as well!

Don`t forget to SHARE and raise awareness. The more the marrier.

Sincerely, Primark Shoppers Team



  1. louise monaghan

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you…….i moved to Australia in July 2012 and the one thing i was going to miss was primark ,im from Ireland Newry co down aw did i say thank you

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      No thank you Louise! If it werent for the members of this community, the word wouldnt have gotten out so fast that is for sure. We will keep you posted with everything Primark will be doing online and all the latest offers etc. so stay tuned. And dont forget to spread the word, if you can πŸ˜‰

    • I’m sooo sorry to tel ye… deliver only …..try place order there lastnite….all of it is uk only ……..

    • Hi
      I am too from Australia and I know Penneys would do fantastic business there. Even my children always say to me ‘ Mammy do you think Penneys will open in Australia one day, and I say to them if you keep saying your prayers they will do one day soon.

  2. yes, fab been waiting a long time

  3. I am very happy to se this but it wasnt the nicest clothes yet. Hope to get more to buy online

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      I am sure this is only the beginning phase. If people search for it and the word gets out, its gonna be big for sure.

  4. Omg the excitement I’m also In oz and for many of us this is like Christmas.. Bring it on πŸ™‚

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      Hi Laura,

      the excitement is imense I am sure πŸ™‚ Hopefully they will roll out new lines soon. We will keep you all posted, via Facebook as well as this site.

  5. good ,good ,good

  6. we want it in malta too πŸ™‚

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      There is such a high demand from Malta, we presume its just a matter of time before Primark starts thinking about it πŸ˜‰

      • The Maltese people are awesome do come to Malta we love you already! and we can spend the money we spend on flights to come over, on clothes instead! :))

        • easy to shop from Malta – just set up a Maltapost SendIt account which is a UK address and you can still get your delivery. LOVE Primark, can’t wait to do my first shop.

  7. What about Poland ? We are waiting here for Primark !!! :D:D

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      Hopefully Primark will realise that Poland is indeed a wast market. But as said before with the Asos deal and expansion of the offer it will ship to Poland as well I presume πŸ™‚ Stay tuned.

  8. Margaret Lovelock

    As you can See this mail comes from Italy. Have always stocked up on my visits loads of jeans so the big question is are you delivering in Italy. Hope so.

  9. Presumption is incorrect! Poland not a viable market due to current value. If you check Asos this will be a UK only offering and is only a trial offering.

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      Yes the trial version is in the UK only. But 3 months ago Primark never thought it would ever go online and look where we are today. If the interest is there, they will listen.

  10. Thank u sooooo soooo much!! this is the best news Ive gotten in so long!

  11. You guys really need to open stores in Australia!!!! Us irish are lost without you πŸ™

  12. this is fantastic. I am also in Australia and find it impossible to get nice affordable clothes for my kids and myself. When will this be going live so I can order? I understand only women’s few pieces currently available need my penny fix

  13. Shared on my Facebook page. I am also in Oz and moss penny’s so much. Clothes here can be expensive and there is nothing life a penny’s over here. As long as you keep prices life on store you will do amazing. Can’t wait for the full range to be online. Especially xmas decorations……soooooo expensive here. Thanks penny’s.

  14. My day has just been made πŸ™‚

  15. Stephanie Hughes

    I hope this is for real cause i can’t believe my eyes XXX

  16. OMG!!! I’m in Oz I’ve missed primark that much there’s a Primark like page on Facebook & they post stuff they have in store, I’ve loved certain things that much I’ve sent my mum to go and get them & to keep them for me to I get home again πŸ˜‰ awww this is unreal!! I’ve been waiting for this πŸ™‚ great news!

  17. Liked and shared Happy days πŸ™‚

  18. Stephanie Murphy

    I am also living in Australia and Miss your store so much !!!! Love that you are now online !!!!! Remember ship to Australia !!! and for future, maybe opening in Australia for a walk in store?? we would LOVE if you came over here !!!! Looking forward to shopping online !

  19. Primark is Irish not British!!

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      We deeply apolagize for this typo. We have corrected it at once. Thank you for your correction πŸ™‚

  20. Deirdre o Rourke

    I haven’t been this excited since I discovered helmans mayonnaise in coles supermarket!

  21. as long as I can shop from Brisbane, Australia I am happy, save me carting back a suitcase extra every time I visit home!!

  22. Will ye be shipping world wide i.e. australia?? Says uk deliveries only at the minute (wanna surprise the wife with this news)

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      The trial is for the UK only. WE will inform everyone when the trial ends or when any other countries become available.

  23. Deirdre o Rourke

    I’ve just been told no deliveries to Ireland or to Australia??!! I got excited over nothing then

    • Primark shoppers Admin

      Yes the trial version is in the UK only. But 3 months ago Primark never thought it would ever go online and look where we are today. If the interest is there, they will listen. πŸ˜‰

  24. There is a god! I live in australia and they badly need a pennys/primark here. I miss that shop so bad.

  25. Good on you for changing that, thought it would just be ignored πŸ™‚

  26. I am over the moon that Pennys is going online. I am living in Perth Oz since 2010 and I have to say the quality and cost of cloths is really bad and disappointing. Just not the same quality and fall apart after a few months quite literaly….I have cloths from pennies and dunnes that last for years so cant wait to puy my cloths on line…

  27. When you going to put Primark ONLINE in the UK pls. Hope its soon x

  28. OMG – I will buy 1 of everything – Im in australia πŸ™‚

  29. Please ship to Australia, im from ireland an living in ozz an miss pennys soo much.:( the online shop will be a huge success , an i tink i speak for all the irish girls in ozz wen i say” We will DEFO use the online site!!:))))

  30. This is awesome news!!! I have lived in OZ for nearly 9 years and always fill a suitcase with Penny’s stuff every time I go home!! So exciting!!

  31. Def set it up for Oz soooo many people would be extremely happy like MEEEEEEE!!

  32. Waited so long for this!!! Can’t get home for my stash this year. So this is the best news

    • I moved to Australia from England ten years ago, and by far, the place I miss most is Primark. I have been back home a couple of times and always stock up, but we need Primark here!! And yes, online would be bloody amazing! C’mon Primark, do us proud, give us British ex-pats sonething to spend our hard earned dollars on, we need you!!

  33. Moved to oz 5 years ago. Idont buy much clothes out here as I always have my mam and cousins on a pennys run. This is great as I will be able to look and buy what I want now. Also I think ye should set up account system that isted of people at home are sending presents over for xmas and birth days, they can put money in to a pennys account for us

  34. yesssssssssssssssssssss!! live in oz so hopefully they get deliveries to here..miss pennys so much!

  35. About time! ! Love it..

  36. great to here but can we here in ireland shop aswell on line

  37. Will you be shipping to Canada? I really hope so you’ll make a mint if so, been living here 11 years and every time I go home I bring an empty case so I can stock up on my penny’s wares πŸ™‚

  38. I hope ye do really well in the uk cause one place I think ye’ll do awesome is Australia..I Was so excited when I saw ye are selling online but please hurry so we can order in Australia πŸ™‚ best of luck with the new website and Congrats in advance cause it’s going to be a massive success !!

  39. Cristina Barbara

    How will shipping be charged? This would be a great success if you shipped to malta

  40. Malta needs PRIMARK…Thank you πŸ™‚

  41. Fantastic news. It’s been long awaited

  42. FINALLY been waiting soooo long for this can’t awlays find the stuff i want in store as it’s ALWAYS moved around and staff will never help you find it hope the whole range is soon up for us to choose from πŸ™‚

  43. this will be very welcome in Shetland , as we have not much choice up here in particular for young families so well done and hope it gets a good response

  44. OMG This is great news but only if they ship to the Channel islands, we seem to get forgotten about by everyone I love primark ans so does everyone else i know its just a same we have to to spend most of our money getting to the mainland before we can go shopping. Get one in Jersey!!!

  45. Brill news. Primark was my main reason for going to Aberdeen. Living in Shetland we don’t have much choice of clothes etc. Can’t wait till you get more stuff online. Woo Hoo

  46. Alison Marshall

    Omg I may never have to leave the house again. I am so pleased that primark is finally online!!!! Thankyou primark sales team.

  47. I congratulate you for taking this first step in online shopping.I hope you start to export to Malta soon because I really enjoy shopping from Primark when I visit UK.

  48. Yay!!!!!!! I moved away six years ago, I live in California and this makes me so happy πŸ™‚

  49. Hope this it true πŸ™‚ is it just UK mainland or will you be delivering to Scottish islands. I live in the Shetland islands and I know 100’s more will be using this site if it gets set up.! πŸ™‚ yay

  50. Lovely clothes ,I had bought fantastic clothes from Ireland….primark I adore it I wish they came to Malta:-)

  51. brill news i love shopping in primark but can only do that when i travel over from the isle of man, esp the kids clothes, can’t wait x

  52. great news, let’s hope it works and you get the full range online. I see demand is high for branches in Oz, I’d happily emigrate to run a branch out there!

  53. love Primark ..Can’t wait for online to Australia ❀❀❀

  54. yay brilliant news πŸ™‚

  55. Will u deliver to ireland???pleeeeeze say yes!!!!!

  56. Will you deliver to the isle of man

  57. So deligted wen I read this BUT I just tried to buy everything in the Primark section and you dont deliver to Oz!?! Will this be available in the near future?

  58. Baby and kids clothes, undershirts etc.. will surely do really well online as you dont have to worry about the size… you just grab age groups. We need primark to deliver to malta.. it will surely be a big big boom… with same prices and reasonable shipping no one can ever compete with primark. Waiting eagerly…

  59. Will you be delivering to the Isle of Man? Hope so!!

  60. Have 3 children, live in rural Ireland and can’t drive, so this will be an absolute godsend!! πŸ™‚

  61. Can you show prices in euros please

  62. Ramona Micallef

    This is very good news to me & I do hope you ship to Malta because it saves me the hassle of having to go the UK every year to shop at primark because I love it.

  63. This is great news for those of us who live in the Isle of Man who have to either fly of take the boat to mainland UK to shop at Primark as there is no Primark here!! So yes please, Primark online would be fantastic!!! Primark please note, The postage costs Royal Mail to the IOM are the SAME as Mainland UK!!

  64. Please ship to Australia, you can see from these comments that there is a massive demand. Every time I come home, I leave half of my suit case empty so I can fill it with penny’s stuff. Please ship to Australia!!!

  65. Living in Australia at the moment Primark have no idea how welcome they would be here!! For all of us from Ireland or the UK quality goods which are both fashionable and great value for money are few and far between esp for kids. I would be confident that there is a vast market here just waiting for someone like Primark.

  66. Hiya, I bought atmosphere pants and
    love them to bits and was wondering
    If I can buy them online and have
    Them posted. Cheers

  67. This is great news, we could do with one here in Australia, I have been here for 3 years now and have missed primark so much, please don’t let it be long before we can shop to

  68. Would Luv PRIMARK to have online shopping

  69. This is awesome news for primark fans like me …but it would be even more awesome if you could stretch the online shopping to the rest of the world …. I am from Seychelles and really we would love to be able to buy from here

  70. Fantastic news, i am in germany and we do have stores which are about 50 minute drive from me which is not always convientent so this would be fab to order on line, fingers crossed it goes global. many thanks Primark.

  71. Thank god i have to travel bout an hr n half to my nearest store with 2 yr old n young ones dnt like travelling cant wait for it to be up n running 100% that way i can spend spend spend frm my hme as were im live theres nt many shops for kids clothes ohh n bright pumpd for my hubby lol soooo happy πŸ™‚ cant wait

  72. Where are the children’s stuff? πŸ™

  73. We need it to deliver to Cyprus please xxx

  74. Nice one. Jersey deff needs to get primark online!!!

  75. Finally, hope there will be delivery to Malta. Maltese people love shopping from Primark I can assure you. I bought several times fromthere especially from Manchester and London. I have left my salary there !!!!!!

  76. got overly excited when I heard Primark were going online!!!.. a little disappointed with the selection of clothes available but Im hoping others will buy whats there and spread the word so there’s more eventually added… come on Primark… if KFC can now deliver surely it’s time u got all ur bargains online!!! πŸ™‚

  77. Yeah fan bloody tastic !!!! And ASOS won’t ship primark dresses to Australia !!! I’ve been trying !! I just want one dress so badly for a race day !!!!
    No fair ! What’s the point of going online if you don’t ship anywhere !!!

  78. Has anyone found where we can purchase that will ship to Australia yet???

  79. I hope Primark comes to India <3

  80. Cannot wait till your up amd running properly as my nearest primark is an hour away and it will be brilliant to have an online shop as I love the clothes and spend a fortune on me my husband and my kids πŸ™‚

  81. any chance of shipping to Cyprus it would be great my kids have to post them to me thanks

  82. Can’t wait to order brilliant news

  83. hi there ,won’t deliver to Ireland πŸ™ soooooo disappointed!!

  84. So when can I order for Denmark? Tried your link above and looked at the 43 items, but I couldn’t place an order πŸ™ But look forward to be able to shop online! Just been to London and saw Primark for the first time = I’m in love πŸ™‚

  85. YES YES YES Finally!!! I recently moved from UK to Newfoundland Canada and I miss Primark so much!! ‘ve spoke to so many people here, who have visited the UK and they have got the Primark bug too!!!
    They would absolutely love it but what rhey would love more is if you opened a STORE HERE!!! it would do so so well…

  86. hi guys im from cyprus how can i order online to bring it on cyprus

  87. Hope there will be delivery in Greece! We need it so much!!

  88. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee start shipping to AUSTRALIA asap, as you can see, you will get the customers πŸ™‚

  89. Melissa O'Sullivan

    Plzzz hurry up … Can’t wait to get it in oz…

  90. Yesssss at last !!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news we just love Primark!

  91. Please have your full collection on asos and worldwide shipping!! I’m dying to buy from Primark!! I have to travel all the way to London from UAE!!

  92. Rachel Sheldrake

    YES! Would absolutely love to see a massive selection of everything from Primark eventually get online, would make the whole experience so much easier and enjoyable. Would make lots of sales for sure, I know a lot of people who would love this! Keep going Primark!

  93. wow what a disappointment i had my basket full, and unable to send to oz! grrr!

  94. Hello Primark… i heard to much about you… i live in Albania, and in our country is impossible to have a free delivery service….’most of the time’
    If is possible from your store, it will be wonderful if you will open a new website like asos and newlook, but with your own name “Primark”, as a full page with all kind of product, and also a free shipping worldwide delivery…. in my opinion, this will be the best, and you will see how people will let apart new look and asos, if you will give better prices and diversity in all thinks you sell…. good luck and hope to have your collections in my hand one day….:))

  95. Felipe CΓ‘ceres

    I went to London in May and loved Primark, I bought like 80 pound on clothing because everything was so cheap and pretty. I came back home (Chile) and realized how needed a store like this is needed, or at least, shipping service. please, if you can, try to get the shipping service
    Thank you!

  96. yayyyy. Been waitin for ages for this πŸ™‚ now all yous need is a plus size range for all the lovely curvies x

  97. I m British (proud to be so) but been living in Italy for past 15 years..i really can t wait to start shopping at Primark so please hurry and get the stores will do!!!!thanks so much

  98. Yes what a great idea,it would make shopping much more relaxing!

  99. Omg!!! I can’t wait… I go to primark all the time it would make it so much easier to shop from home having 3 children :)!! When does it actually start?

  100. Hi would love to be able to order Primark over here in france as since we have moved I am struggling to get good quality affordable clothes for me and my children. When will it be able to be shipped over as I believe there is a primark I Paris so any ideas if they are planning to move further down france.

  101. Hi, I live in New York but i am originally from co.Tyrone and I’ve been waiting and waiting patiently for primark to finally come online!! When will you have an official website?
    I been checking out some of the stock that your going to have available and I already have a shopping list a mile long. Please hurry and bring primark to the online world for us irish that need our fix!:)

  102. Definately need more online then it will be huge! Moved to Australia as most people on here have done and practically no shops deliver to Australia and I think if you had most of the stuff online and delivered to Australia it would be a hit cause lots of my Aussie friends prefer English clothing to Australian anyway!!

  103. Asos ships Primark’s stuff only on UK πŸ™

  104. Primark should really come to Australia, Sydney!! Teenagers here (like me) are really into fashion & clothes and it would be a very big business if you came to Sydney. I love your clothing and so do all my friends. Please come to Sydney i love your designs and fashion.

  105. Omg fineally its here i really & truely can not wait plse plse hurry. Thank you
    I was wondering, when u will coming online. I will shsre this info on my facebook.

  106. Finally, Primark has its online store. Isn’t it amazing!! I really hope it can ship worldwide as I will be leaving England very soon. Primark will definitely is the thing i gonna miss the MOST!! Hope the product range will expand and able to ship worldwide!!!!!! xoxo

  107. Won’t you please consider shipping worldwide!!!???

  108. please please the patterned stockings and pantyhose from primark for online shoppers and bikinis πŸ™‚

  109. Primark is amazing and has some beautiful clothes at affordable prices.Thank you Primark. As for going on line that’s fantastic news as I am a nurse and can’t always get into the store weekly as I would like. You will make alot of people very very happy. Also would be fab if you could expand to Australia as my family that have shopped in your store on visits to England would love it… Good luck Primark and here’s to happy on line shopping πŸ™‚

  110. So pleased to learn that you are going on line. I often get comments from my “posh” friends about how they like various clothes I wear and I tell them they are from Primark – I’m not proud, I love to pay little and live a lot! Good slogan, eh? “PAY LITTLE AND LIVE A LOT”

  111. Fantastic news. Will you be delivering to Gibraltar??

  112. We’d love a Primark store in Malta. Shopping online would be different as several people prefer trying on before purchasing. There’s a substantial positive response with regards to Primark in Malta both by the Maltese as well as foreigners. Hopefully Primark directorate will make up their minds and open a store in the island of Malta like other well renowned companies have already done.

  113. Love primary but only wish the did plus size as there are not enough shops on the high street that cater for the fuller figure in today’s world u would think there would be more for the fuller figure.would love to see a shop like primary catering for this

  114. I was a student in Scotland and Primark was my regular weekend habit!!!! Now leaving in Greece and really, truly missing PRIMARK !! PLEASE do an online shop

  115. Ship to malta plss

  116. Please come to Canada! The thing that I miss the most is reasonably priced underwear, tights, leggings and accessories. The asos line will be a good asset but I think that Primark is more famous for the little cutesy bits and bobs, like socks, underwear, PJ’s, bathrobes etc…….They should all be online πŸ™‚

  117. Please do online shop to deliver in Cyprus!!!!!!!

  118. Yeah this is great news but defo more selection needed asap!

  119. Hey, Will you have kids and baby wear online soon?

  120. Hello, I am kinda in a bind, my boyfriend is in the UK and is coming back on Thursday night; he does not want to go through the hassle of going shopping for women’s clothing and has asked me to buy whatever I want online from the Leicester store (closest to him) and he will pick them up. That is not possible I presume but do I have any other option? I MUST HAVE MY PRIMARK! thanks πŸ™‚

  121. Hi I’m spreading the word in Perth Australia, if you need someone with an abundance of local knowledge and even more knowledge of how to shop up a storm at Pennys to promote you or test the waters here please contact me πŸ˜€

  122. can i buy online to you p.s im from albania

  123. Latvia needs primark !!!!

  124. Hi! I’m a great fan of yours! Any time I come to the UK, I buy at least 5-6 pieces of your clothes. I’m just in love with your collections. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to spend more money on more expensive clothes-I do it! But I really highly appreciate the style and, moreover,the quality of your clothes!!! I’d really love if you expand the range offered on the net! And, would you please open a store in Sofia, Bulgaria! That’d be just what your thousands of fans here need! Thanks in advance πŸ˜‰

  125. Over 3000 military families, more ex-pats than you could shake a stick at, large premises going for a song, and a busy shipping port all in and around Limassol Cyprus!
    What’s missing? YOU ARE!
    The clothing range out here is awful, anything over a size 10 your either classed as obese or dressed in polyester!
    It’s over priced, and as far as design is concerned…
    If nothing else please send over a representative, I will even meet and greet and put in a show and tell but give us all a chance of good clothing at a price that’s not a joke, I bet you you’d be laughing all the way to the bank out here!!!

  126. I went to visit the UK. I shop a lotttttttttttttt in primark.
    I am wishing to see primark in Toronto Canada soon. Please please please please.

  127. Open your shop in Croatia

  128. Hiya,
    Could you please tell me if you have a complete catalogue of everything that is sold in Pennys in Dublin.
    I love shopping at Pennys but am no longer in Ireland.
    I have an Irish friend coming to visit me and I was hoping to find a catalogue of all your products so my friend could shop for me before coming over.
    Thanks very much
    Sara Horan

  129. Hi, we want to Azerbaijan too, we’re waiting for thisssssssssssss .and as well online shopping we want .plsssss

  130. Good for you. Why just women’s tho i mean I have a ten year old kid who is long and slim so she won’t fit into a six and I’m not filling her up on chocolate cake. So it would be helpful if you put kids clothes on the website for us instead of everyone having to go to the Trafford centre.manchester. So the website is a good idea but what about kids, men, huh. Also you have disappointed many people if primark was set up in Ireland why isn’t there a primark there. Listen to the comments and stop egnoring them people are right so share it in your next meeting let them know people want a primark in Canada, Australia, Croatia,Cyprus,Bulgaria,Latvia,Albania,Malta,Greece,Gibralta,Sidney,Poland, Italy,new York, and the other places requested. If you want more stock, if you want more shoppers ,if you want more payment, then open primark in other countries. I am sure there will be people in them countries willing to work for such a fine shop (primark) especially if they have been nagging for it . And did you read that people are coming from other countries ,which will cost a lot, just to buy clothes from your shop because there isn’t one in there country. Do you realise how much people love primark and if you do open them worldwide. Talk to staff about in your next meeting. And share it on the website if there is going to be primarks worldwide or even in just one country. Don’t just. Be heard be seen. Sorry for being negative but listen to your fans don’t just listen to yourself.

  131. And em good luck it’s a very good idea having a website to be positive just listen to what I put above

  132. Cant wait to be able to order on line and hopefully you will ship to Canada like Dunnes!!
    Love the kids stuff and accessories.

  133. I was in your LONDON shop 3 weeks ago and I bought so many things from your shops in LONDON and I was in your HOLLAND ZAANDAM shop a week ago and I bought so many things from there too; but I am looking for online shopping from online web site and I saw it is insufficient and very limited.I can understand easily you need improve it.I am recommending your goods and additionally after my shopping so many people wants to order same goods and models as well but noway, and no online selling what I bough and what I saw in your real shops.Thats why I am ready to support you, and I believe you need more detail online shopping web page which is comparable with your real shops.I love Primark thats why I am writing such details.Thank you, SENOL from ISTANBUL/TURKEY

  134. What about Sweden (Stockholm)?

  135. Open a shop or ship to Denmark

  136. What about kids?

  137. how I can order from your store and do you delivery in to Montenegro

  138. Ex-pat living in Israel desperate for online delivery to here. Whenever my daughter and I visit old blighty we “do” Primark at least twice but there is only a 20kg limit for the suitcase. You must help us get our Primark fix more often pretty please.

  139. In Oz and every time I go back to Ireland I bring empty bags just for penny’s. Please let me know when it’s available online I think it will do so well. I also shop online in new look and it’s amazing for shipping here and with penny’s being more popular it will clean up.

  140. Just returned to Sydney Australia and need more Primark clothes for WINTER – when are you bringing your shop to us down here ??? I’d love to support your move to Aussie – you would clean up down under!!!

  141. I cant wait for Primark to go online .I live in OZ and I miss Primark shops so much. So hurry up and let us aussies enjoy shopping with Primark. Australia needs Primark.

  142. marthese zammit


  143. Please hurry up! Canada is missing a Primark… feel so outdated with the fashion here! lol

  144. Hi I’m from Jersey C.I. and I’ve been a few times in the UK shopping and love primark,will the online shopping include the Channel Islands?!

  145. Why arent you online yet?? Please hurry i cant wait!!

  146. I just returned from a Top Deck Tour of Europe and I am sad to say I did not have enough time to visit Primark, which I now regret after seeing your website! Please allow online shipping to Australia, or open a store in Perth πŸ˜‰ (or even Melbourne, as I have friends who could on-forward my parcels). Please! πŸ™‚

  147. I was super thrilled to know that primark is going online!!!!!! I am from Israel, and I had the pleasure of visiting the store in London! and I can’t wait to shop online!!!

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