Things to Do With Old Shoes

Ever wonder what you should do with shoes that you don’t wear anymore? They tend to sit in our closet forever until we finally get the courage to toss them in the trash. Before you throw them in the garbage, however, take some time to consider the following ideas to either reuse them for other purposes or fashionize them back in your own special way.


1. Donate them. Donate your cowboy boots to a charity or goodwill store. You are still able to get rid of your shoes and make more room in your closet, and you will also help a person in need.

2. Use old cowboy boots as a base for a lamp. You can turn your cute boot into a lamp with the help of a lamp kit. You can purchase lamp kits at your local craft store.

3. Use old shoes as a dog toy. Dogs love to chew on things, so why spend money on a chew toy when you already have one at your disposal? Be sure to remove the shoelaces before you hand your old tennis shoes over.

4. Put them in a dress up bin. Kids love to have costumes to dress up in. Put those old heels or fun cowboy boots in your costume bin for your children to rifle through when they want to play dress up.

5. You can use certain boots for bookends. Books often need something to lean up against on a bookshelf. Use a weighed-down old cowboy boot as a bookend.

6. Use shoes in a shadow box. If you are having a hard time getting rid of your shoes because of sentimental reasons, you can place them in a shadow box so you can see them and place them as decoration in your room. You can coordinate other fun items in the shadow box to coincide with your shoes you are putting inside. For example, if you are putting your favorite running shoes in the box you can put a small water bottle in there or a headband you used to keep your hair back while you ran.

You can use your old and unused shoes in a lot of different ways. Before you throw away the trash consider these types of ideas first. You will be surprised with the ways they can be used.

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